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Facebook Connect Plugin: A Benefit for Both Entrepreneurs & Customers

As technology is getting advanced, the way people make money from selling products or services is also changing. With the help of the Internet these days, your services or products will not only reach those in your local area but can also reach anyone in the whole world. However, this also means the competition is getting higher. Since everyone can reach anyone anywhere, people also compete with more people who sell similar products or services all over the world.

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In the world of e-commerce, people started to ask questions on anything they can do to make their e-commerce platform stand in the spotlight, or at least reach more potential customers in the best way possible. One of the ways is probably through Facebook Connect plugin. The new Parallel profits insight is also worth the consideration if you want to start your own search engine marketing agency. Keep reading to find more information about the Facebook Connect plugin.

Facebook Connect for E-Commerce

browsing facebookFacebook is probably the biggest social media platform, with 2,27 billion active users from all around the world. With that amazing number of users, many e-commerce is interested in attracting its potential customers using Facebook Connect login. It means that the e-commerce allows customers to create an account with their Facebook accounts. One of the companies that can help with a Facebook Connect plugin is JS-Kit. They create a comprehensive widget that is easily used to reach more potential customers.

Benefit for E-Commerce

Obviously, e-commerce takes benefit from the billion active users of Facebook. This way, they reach more potential customers, and they probably increase their selling after using Facebook Connect. Moreover, they will also have users’ information gathered not only from Facebook but also from other e-commerce platforms the users might use. The information probably includes age, gender, location, and more. This information can be used to target the market correctly as well as to reduce the cost of advertising because the information helps the marketing team to work effectively. For example, if your Facebook account shows that you are a female, the e-commerce platform would likely put an advertisement on fashion, makeup, cooking tools, or any other women-related things on your Facebook page while you browse.

Perks for Customers

Customers can also take benefit from the Facebook Connect plugin. First, they do not have to create new accounts to log in to their favorite e-commerce platform. As there are so many social platforms that require an account to log in, this helps them make a simpler life. Imagine if you are a ‘wise’ shopaholic who always compares the price from one e-commerce platform to another, and each e-commerce platform requires you to make an account, it would be hard to remember each username and password for each e-commerce platform. You can easily register your Facebook and do not have to worry about creating an account.


Second, since your Facebook is linked to the e-commerce platform you use, you will automatically gather more info about discounts, promotions, and …